Canceling Subscription

How To Cancel Monthly Support

For the complete security of your credit card details, Initiate Media, the parent company of My Christian Daily, collects only your name and email address, but we do not store any credit cards on our server. In fact, we do not even receive access to your credit card.

Payments are managed by stripe, one of the largest and most secure payment gateways in the world. Your subscription is managed by stripe and held on their secure servers, giving you complete protection.

We will also never share your email address with any other company.

Canceling or updating a subscription: you can update your monthly support or cancel monthly support at any time. If you would like to cease supporting My Christian Daily monthly, simply email your name to and we will immediately remove you from the support database.

This will take effect immediately and you will receive a personal email to confirm this has been actioned.

You can re-contribute at any time further down the track if you wish. You can also amend your monthly support by contacting us. We are also available on this email with any questions or queries that you may have.

We thank you again for your support.