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Half media, half creative: helping you with your creative needs

Initiate Media is much more than a traditional media company. Most media companies employ their own design and production team and only work on their own products and services. However, in keeping along the lines of being a NOT Business As Usual company, we made the decision very early on to share our talented team […]

Looking for a partner for the faith market?

Initiate Media has strategically positioned itself in the marketplace as a company that is not only committed to producing high quality Christian media content, but we are also committed to developing products and services for the Christian market. Having said that, we are a 100% Christian owned and operated company, with one goal: to spread […]

Are you starting or running a business?

Initiate Media is a unique company in that while we have a heart to spread the Word, we have always felt like business people called into the kingdom, as opposed to ministry people trying to run a business. Accordingly, creating a dynamic business marketplace for the hundreds of thousands of Christian owned businesses across the […]

Creating the world’s most dynamic Christian book publishing business

Initiate Media’s Ark House Press has been in business for 17 years, with one key commitment: to help as many authors get into the market as is possible. Ark House is fast becoming one of the world’s major Christian publishing houses, with a unique place in the publishing market that allows us to work with […]