FAITH NEWSWIRE – On-demand Christian TV channel Channel C has re-launched a new ministry streaming and podcasting platform.

Benjamin Hughes, Operations Manager, said, “Getting a stable platform that covers both TV and podcasting has been quote a challenge, but we are really happy with the platform we have selected for our partner ministries.

“Channel C is essentially a marketing platform for ministries that already produce their own podcast or film their own weekly sermons, or at very worst intend to. In this Digital Age it is possible for a small church to reach a global market, and Channel C helps both churches and ministries to achieve this.

“As we have a separate post production business in place, we can also help those ministries that can manage the recording process, but not the post production necessary to make their podcast or ministry TV polished.

Channel C is a leading on-demand TV, ministry TV and podcasting website. It specializes in broadcasting TV and podcasting to Christians worldwide.

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