FAITH NEWSWIRE – Initiate Media has announced a joint venture for the popular website is an international community of house swappers located all around the world. has been in the marketplace since 2007. The website was originally started as a result of dissatisfaction with the cost of traditional accommodation, the prohibitive costs of travel making holidays difficult for many people. provides an alternative form of travel where friendly local and international travelers swap homes to enjoy free accommodation. Dave Utting, Managing Director of Pack Your Bags, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Initiate Media to further build what we have started with

“There is tremendous potential for this site, and so by partnering with a media company that speaks to a broad market, we can share this services out to a much greater number of people in the Christian marketplace.” is a joint venture between Initiate Media, a leading global Christian media company, and Pack Your Bags, an online travel company. Both organizations will also shortly be launching, a global site connecting Christians looking for like-minded house-sitting services.

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