FAITH NEWSWIRE – A new press release distribution system that makes it easy for Christian organizations to spread their message to Christian and mainstream media has recently launched.

Faith Newswire is a new, low-cost opportunity for Christian organizations to share news about their organisation. Every day, media outlets are looking for interesting stories. Radio programs are searching for people to interview. Websites are looking for an interesting angle to a story that will increase their traffic. And as media companies are working on lower budgets, well-written publicity articles are being picked up and re-published in full.

Nicole Danswan, Marketing Director of Faith Newswire’s parent company, Initiate Media, commented, “Editorial is the most powerful form of advertising, and as organizations catch on to this, many are using a journalist or in-house writer to put press releases together. The challenge to date, however, has been where to distribute such releases to try and get them re-published.

“Public relations is generally cost-prohibitive for most organizations, and as such Faith Newswire has typically taken a PR angle, where we blast out an organization’s message to thousands of Christian media contacts.

“Where a PR firm uses staff to then contact these organizations, which is where the costs balloon, we instead use email, which makes the delivery cheap for us, and thus the cost to the client is low as well.”

With Faith Newswire, any media outlet can run the article in full, meaning any article published and distributed via the website is for the media outlets to use.

“Where applicable, we also try and run the article on our major news website,,” stated Nicole.

Pricing is just $99 per blast. For more information visit