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We cover the news the mainstream media won’t.

The world is getting darker, yet the mainstream media is not interested in creating a voice for Christians. In a media world tainted with political agendas, it is now, more than ever, that the Christian world needs an active Christian voice like My Christian Daily.

Those who read our news know My Christian Daily covers topics the media won’t. Our journalism is free from commercial intentions, and more than that, our objective is to keep Christians up to date with the world around them from a Christian perspective. This news takes a lot of time, energy and therefore cost to produce, yet we do not have any paywall in place, and we are not funded by any church or denomination.

Currently, this is covered by the funding of our owners, however, we need our readers to partner with us to ensure a site like My Christian Daily has an influential voice for many years to come.

Today, your support will allow hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy MCD freely and be educated on the plight of Christians globally. They will benefit from articles which inform, inspire, encourage and evangelize. So we dearly thank you for your support, as it helps us to keep expanding our coverage of today’s world for you, our valued reader.

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